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Explain five benefits of communication to a business.

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  1. Enhances coordination (between departments) ensuring they all work towards achieving objectives of the business.
  2. Helps maintain a positive relationship with(other)stakeholders for smooth operation/reducing.
  3. Facilitates the decision making process within the business for better management.
  4. Increased employee motivation due to clarification of goals, objectives/expectations.
  5. Improved Productivity/Better performance due to clear targets setting/feedback
  6. Increased sales due to effective product promotion.
  7. Improved harmony/ peace/understanding (in the business) due to minimal conflicts/since issues are clarified/challenges addressed.
  8. Improved image/reputation (of the business) corrects negative attributes/perception which elevate the standing of the business in the market/In the eyes o the public.
  9. Helps to clarify issues/points so as to avoid confusion/to be well understood.
  10. Enables a business to get information/obtain/send information from internal/external sources (that can be useful to the business)
  11. Enhances/promotes teamwork through consultational sharing & ideas/resources.
  12. Facilitates/promotes research which helps to improve processes/activities in the business.
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