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Explain five advantages of indirect production to the society

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  1. Access to enough quantity of goods due to surplus production.(can be used interchangeably)
  2. Improved living standards due to income/profit generated
  3. They have access to many choices due to a variety of goods produced in the economy. (can be used interchangeably)
  4. Encourage competition ready to fair prices/quality goods/accept
  5. Availability of employment opportunities since many people are engaged in various stages of production. accept advantages of employment as expansion
  6. The society enjoys improved infrastructure/roads which may be put up to support business activities| facilitate movement production (accept advantages as of infrastructure as an expansion.
  7. Improves the societal cohesion/peace/harmony due to interaction since many people are brought together from different areas to trade.
  8. Maximum/optimum utilization of available resources since production is meant for sales/leading to increased production.
  9. High Quality goods produced due to use (better (advanced technology/specialization
  10. It encourages specialization/division of labor  which leads to efficiency in product/ better quality good. (accept advantages of specialization/division of labor as expansion.
  11. The society enjoys improved social amenities/which may be put up to support business activities. (accept advantages of social amenities as expansion.
  12. The society enjoys improved auxiliary services which are put up to support business activities(accept advantages of auxiliary services).
  13. Encourages trade/ exchange many people to get what they cannot produce/leading to generation of income to owners/government through taxes.
  14. Can lead to steady supply of goods since there are many producers who may engage in similar production activities
  15. Promotes creativity/innovation which leads to new ideas/product/technology
  16. Encourages use of machines which makes production more.
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