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Describe the characteristics of tropical Savannah vegetation

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  • Savannah vegetation consist of trees and grass
  • Wetter areas/ near  the forests the vegetation consists of tall scattered trees similar to those found in the forest/ woodland
  • The wetter areas also have  fall  thick  grass
  • Gradually, away from the forest, the trees become fewer and shorter
  • The grass also becomes shorter
  • In drier areas the trees are  short  and more  scattered
  • Some  trees are deciduous  type
  • Most of the trees are umbrella- shaped
  • The most  common trees  species are the acacia and  other thorny trees.
  • Where rainfalls  is lowest, grass  is tufted and  coarse/ scrub
  • There are scattered baobab trees  and other  drought  resistant trees
  • Along  river  valleys there are tall  trees/ riverine trees  and thick bushes
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