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Identify three types of food prohibited in the Quran and for each, give a reason for its prohibition

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  1. Meat of an animal which is slaughtered in the name other than God. Life is the previous gift of God for both human beings and animals. If the existence of an animal is to be terminated for the survival of human beings, then it should be mandatory to sacrifice their life in the name of Allah. 
  2. Already dead animals other than fish. Scientifically meat of the dead animal is not good for health because there is a huge difference between killing and slaughtering.
  3. Blood. Because it is the medium of transportation inside body that is why carry toxic materials, carbon dioxide, poisons, uric acid, keratin, and also a huge amount of haemoglobin, it is not easily digestible in stomach. 
  4. Meat of a pig. It is the only animal which is designed by God as scavenger, used to eat filth and contain different microorganisms like helminths, roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, hookworm. 
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1. Meat of a dead animal

2. Pig meat


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