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State six ways in which Muslims can prevent zinaa in the society.

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  1. Islamic teaching emphases that Muslim who attain the age of puberty should marry to avoid Zina.
  2. Prohibition of free mixing of sexes; men and women are not allowed to mix freely. e.g. in the mosques men and women pray in separate areas.
  3. Prohibition of acts that may lead Muslims to commit fornication adultery e.g. consumption of alcohol, engaging in dancing etc.
  4. Muslim men are allowed to marry a maximum of four wives, incase a man fell in love with another woman he should marry her instead of committing zinaa.
  5. Harsh punishment has been prescribed in the Quran on fornicators and adulterers (Q 24 2-3).
  6. Muslim women should dress decently i.e. they should cover their bodies with the exception of the hands and face. This reduces the evil of temptation which can lead to zinaa.
  7. Restrictions on men from visiting other men’s homes in their absence, a man cannot visit another man’s house if it’s only the wife who is at home.
  8. Islam allows divorce incase a couple are unable to reconcile their differences to enables both parties choose suitable/ appropriate spouse.
  9. Muslim women should be accompanied by Muhrim when going on a journey.
  10. Islam prescribes reward for those who keep away for zina.
  11. Muslims are encouraged to practices piety to prevent them from engaging in immoral acts.
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