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Historical background of phophet amos

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  • Amos started his prophetic mission during the reign of king jeroboam II of Israel and uzziah of Judah, during this period Israel did not have any external threat hence attaining great prosperity economically.
  • Peace prevailed in both Judah and Israel.
  • Before the calling, Amos was a herdsman i.e. shepherd and dresser of fig trees.
  • His home was in tekoa near Jerusalem in Judah.
  • Amos was not a professional prophet but was sent by God to proclaim his message.
  • During this time, the people of Israel worship, idol and were too greedy in their business.
  • The wealth people were becoming rich at the expense of the poor.
  • They had switched their items of trade to wine and oil i.e. they were drunkard.
  •  They understood the judgment in as the coming of the “Day of the Lord.”
  • God was going to punish the Israel for forsaking him and worshipping idols and oppressing the poor 

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