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explain 5 ways in which a computer may be used in an office

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  1. Data processing - data can be keyed into the computer which then sorts,organizes, analyzes and gives meaningful output.
  2. Storage of information - a computer has various storage devices where information can be kept for future reference.
  3. A tool for communication A computer can be linked to the internet and other work stations to enhance sharing of information.
  4. Production of documents - can be used as a word processor to produce both soft and hard copies. .
  5. Assist in research - a computer provides a link with various sites where information can be sourced for research purposes.
  6. Assist in decision making - it has special programmes and models which may facilitate the decision making process for managers.
  7. Can be used for training and staff development - it is a tool for training during staff orientation and presentation.
  8. Entertainment - the computer has accessories for games, music and movies which can be used for relaxation while working.
  9. A tool of supervision can be used to monitor employee activities on-line.
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To store information
To receive and send documents

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To receive and send documents
To store information for future reference 
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