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Two farmers prepared two ponds Q and R and introduced equal number of fish in each pond. The fish in pond Q died within seven days of being introduced into the pond. Those of pond R survived. On close examination of the ponds, it was found that one of the ponds was full of algae and the other had no algae.

  1. In which of the two ponds were the algae present?
  2. What was the cause of the death of fish in one of the ponds?
  3. State the significance of the algae in the pond?

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  1. Pond R (Acc – pond in which the fish survived);
  2. Inadequate oxygen (in the water for respiration)
    • Reduce carbon(IV) oxide concentration in the water;
    • Increases oxygen concentration in the water;
    • Provide food for the fish/animals;
    • Provide shelter for the fish;

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