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The diagram below shows two fused bones of a mammal.

  1. Identify the fused bones. 
  2. Name:
    • The bone that articulates at the point labelled A. 
    • The structure labelled B.
  3. State the type of joint formed at structure B.
  4. Name: the structure labelled C
  5. State two functions of the structure named in 4 above 
  6. Name the structure labelled D
  7. State what happens to the structure during childbirth.

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  1. Pelvic girdle/Pubic bones/ innominate bones;
    • Sacral vertebra/Sacrum;
    • Acetabulum
  3. Ball and socket joint;
  4. Obturator foramen
    • Its an aperture through which blood vessels nerves and muscles pass;
    • Reduce the weight of the pelvic girdle;
  6. Pubis symphysis;
  7. It relaxes thus expanding the size of pelvic cavity;
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