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Describe how water from the soil reaches the leaves of a tall tree and eventually to the atmosphere.

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Root hairs absorb water: by osmosis: from the spaces between the soil particles : passes into the root hair vacuole: through the cellulose cell wall and plasma/cell membrane: then through cell to cell in the cortex: or through intercellular spaces: then through the endodermis directing water into the xylem: water moves up in the xylem: in the vascular tissue. Once in the root xylem vessels water movement is aided by forces of capillarity: cohesion: adhesion: root pressure: and transpiration pull: into the stem xylem: water then enters into the xylem of the leaf veins/ leaf xyle: once in the leaves water moves into the mesophyll cells by osmosis: each time diluting the concentration of cell sap in the cells: this continues until water reaches the air spaces of the mesophyll cells: eventually escapes through stomata: as water vapor.
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