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Study the flow chart below and answer the questions that follow
      A flow chart with questions

  1. Identify gas:
    1. J
    2. K
  2. Write the equation for the reaction that occurs in steps:
  3. Name substance N
  4. Write an equation for formation of R and explain why high pressure is required in converting J to R  
  5. Give one commercial use of;
    1. Liquid T
    2. Compound Q
  6. Describe a chemical test that would be used to distinguish the anion in compound Q and the product in Step IV  
  7. State and explain the observation made when concentrated sulphuric (VI) is added to crystals of copper (II) Sulphate in a beaker. 

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    1. J  Sulphur (IV) Oxide 
    2. K  Nitrogen(II)Oxide 
  2. V    NH4NO3(s)→  N2O(g) + 2H2O(l)        
    VI  SO3(g) + H2SO4(l) →  H2S2O7(l) 
  3.  Vanadium (VI) Oxide
  4. 2SO2(g)+O2(g) → 2SO3(g)
    Forward reaction leads to reduction in volume, high pressure is required to reduce the volume
    1. Manufacture of fertilizer, Dyes, drugs, paints 
    2.   As a fertilizer 
  6. Product  SO42−/NO3
    Chemical test; To each sample add barium Nitrate for SO42− a white preicpitate is formed for NO3,no white precipitate
  7. Blue crystals changes to white powder
    Conc H2SOdehydrates hydrated copper sulphate
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