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State five demands of the kikuyu central association against the colonial government.

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  1. Abolish of the kipande system.
  2. An end to the racial discrimination
  3. An end of the forced labour policy
  4. An end of the colonial system of education.
  5. Demand for the release of the harry thuku.
  6. Reduction of colonial taxes.
  7. KCA wanted a return of the alienated African land.
  8. Demanded for African representation in the LEGCO.
  9. Demanded Africans to be allowed to grow cash crops.
  10. Demanded for translation of colonial laws into Agikuyu language.
  11. Demanded for more education opportunities for Africans.
  12. Demanded the lifting of the ban of female circumcision.
  13. Demanded for better living and working condition.
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