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Explain six ways in which the government controls the use of public finances in Kenya.

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  1. Government expenditure by state has t be approved by the parliament
  2. The controller of the budget oversees the implementations of the national budgets
  3. The cabinet secretaries for finance with the approval of the parliament , may stop the transfer of funds to sate organs or any other public body if they fail to to adhere to laid down procedures
  4. Financial records are carefully maintained and the audit of the accounts of all the government and other public bodies is conducted to ensure that they adhere to laid down procedures.
  5. There are accounting officers answerable to the national assembly for the financial management of the various public bodies
  6. The auditor general is responsible for the audit of the accounts of all the government and state organs at the end of the financial year.
  7. Public procedure and disposal act sets procures for acquiring and disposing of the absolute and extra assets and equipment to ensure fairness transparency and cost effectiveness.
  8. Sanction have been imposed against construction who fails to fulfill their contractual obligations / sanctions have also been imposed on people who fail to pay their taxes
  9. The government establishes the Kenya anti-corruption commission (KACC). The commission investigates corruption cases in a non-partisan manner.
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