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Explain six functions of the president of India

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  • He/ She dissolves/calls elections of the lower house of parliament/Lok Sabha / House of the people
  • The president assents /vetoes bills that have been passed by parliament
  • The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces
  • The president declares a state of emergency when national security is threatened
  • The president appoints the Prime Minister on the advice of parliament/ He calls the leader of the winning party to form the government
  • The president is the major symbol of national unity as every Indian citizen is supposed to identify with him/her as their leader
  • The president has powers to appoint the state governors and supreme court judges
  • He /She has powers to make regulations for certain union territories
  • He /She establishes special council to arbitrate on inter-state disputes
  • The president nominates twelve members to the Council of States /Upper House/ Rajya Sabha
  • He is the leader of the political party that nominates him for elections
  • He has been given powers to pardon offenders 
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