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What is the relevance of Amos teachings on Remnant and Restoration to Christians today?

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  • Christians learn only the righteous will be granted eternal life as a reward.
  • Christians are the remnants through whom God makes his will known to the world
  • Christian are encouraged that God will preserve a faithful remnant, through whom He will fulfill his promises to human- kind.
  • Christian learns that God is universal and uses anyone called by His name out of the sin of a nation since there is hope for those who repent.
  • Christians realize that God is merciful and forgives those who repent.
  • Christians get encouraged when they know that the righteous will be spared.
  • Christians are the remnant through whom God fulfills His purpose for the world
  • God always preserves a faithful remnant through whom He fulfills His promises to humankind
  • Christians being the remnants of the people of God today, are encouraged to strive to do what is right in the eyes of God and shun evil.a
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