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Reasons why there is late marriages among the youth today.

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  • Some youths are so occupied by the desire for higher education hence getting late for their marriage
  • Economic factor, where some youths holds the believe that they will get married when they become rich
  • Peer influence from other youths who holds marriage as optional in their life
  • Some careers like being a pilot contributes to late marriage, e.g. a lady pilot.
  • Misuse of drugs and alcohol among youths leads to late marriages among some youths
  • Influence from some non-religious sects like illumunati which influences the youths negatively on marriage
  • Technology and social media which influences youth negatively on self-worth× and value of marriage
  • Poor role models from their families or society among the married people, fights/separations that create phobia among the youths in their future marriage
  • Cultural erosion by postmodern lifestyle that has eroded the values and sacredness of marriage
  • Child molestation has led to some of the youths have late marriages
  • Frustrations among the youths who get into early relationship can lead to late marriage 
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