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Identify six reasons why Jesus faced opposition in Galilean ministry.

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  • Jesus and his disciples did not observe the law of Sabbath, he healed a man whose right hand was withered, his disciples plucked and ate some heads of grain on a sabbath, the religious leaders questioned Jesus’ actions and opposed him.
  • Jesus claimed to have authority to forgive sins, when he healed the paralytic man, they believed that only God had the power to forgive sins and therefore this was blasphemy.
  • Jesus and his disciples failed to observe the law on fasting, they compared his disciples with those of John who often fasted and prayed.
  • Jesus’ association with tax collectors and sinners, he befriended Levi and accepted invitation in his house, according to them it was wrong to mix with sinners since he claimed to be the messiah.
  • Jesus touched a man with leprosy which was against the Jewish laws since leprosy made one ritually unclean.
  • He was gaining popularity and reports went afar concerning him, the religious leaders were not comfortable with this.
  • Jesus challenged them to move from the old traditions to the new teachings that he brought, they were filled with anger and wrath.
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