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State six ways in which the introduction of money economy has undermined the principles of Christian living.

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  • Many people today struggle to acquire wealth and have no regard to their commitment to the true worship of God.
  • There is the use of unjust means of acquiring wealth like bribery and corruption, theft, prostitution, gambling, robbery with violence vises condemned in the Bible
  • The under-privileged/poor are usually discriminated against by the elite class/rich and yet there should be equality and fair treatment to all.
  • There is individualism and selfishness as opposed to communal sharing and generosity.
  • Bride wealth has been commercialized thus undermining love and equality between the couples.
  • There is power struggle and uncalled for competition to acquire wealth and protect it as opposed to being contented and enjoying God’s peace and joy.
  • Wage labor and business opportunities in search of property and money has undermined Christian family units.
  • Over-dependence on foreign aid and elite class has undermined virtues like Hard work and Diligence in order to earn a living as taught by St. Paul.
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