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Explain four life skills that should be used by Christians in managing their wealth.

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  1. Creative thinking - Christians can come up with ideas, products and services that are on high demand, hence making money through honest living. They can also create job opportunities for themselves and employ others to make money honestly.
  2. Decision- making - A Christian can make the right decision on a business opportunity or career choice, to earn a living and become wealthy. One can decide to invest wisely and overcome corrupt means/can decide to utilize their wealth in line with biblical teachings. A Christian can also decide to report those practicing evils like stealing public property, fraud, gambling, corruption.
  3. Self- esteem - Those who acquire wealth legally improve their self-esteem and relate well with others. A Christian with high self-esteem is able to develop their potential and make proper use of their wealth. A person with high self-esteem is confident, consistent, out-going and appreciates oneself and others. It allows one to be financially independent.
  4. Assertiveness - An assertive Christian is firm, should not be moved or tempted in accepting bribes or corrupt practices. They should be vigilant in pointing out evils or mal-practices associated with wealth and riches.
  5. Critical thinking - Helps a Christian to uncover any form of deception practices in using or acquiring wealth. It is an effective skill of investigating deeply and asking questions, speaking logically, convincingly in financial deals. Cautions one not to engage if financial deals that are not realistic.
  6. Effective communication- A skill used by business experts to convince potential investors on business opportunities, Big companies also use this skill to market their products to potential customers.
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