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Study the map of the Ruhr industrial region and use it to answer the questions that follow,
ruhr industrial region map

    1. Name the river marked X.      
    2. The canal marked Y.         
  2. State three factors which influenced the location of the iron and steel industry in Ruhr region of Germany.  

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    1. River Ruhr
    2. Rhine-Herne Canal
    1. Availability of coal/iron ore/limestone in the Rhine valley.
    2. River Rhine/Ruhr/ Wopper/ lippe/ Emscher provided water for cooling machines in industries.
    3. The region is served by navigable rivers /Rhine/Ruhr/Emscher/ Lippe provided cheap  means of transporting bulky raw materials and finished products.
    4. Presence of rich companies/Kruff families provided capital for the development of the industry.
    5. The dense/affluent population in Central and Western Europe provided ready market for iron and steel.
    6. The large local population had acquired skills on iron working.
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