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  1. Give reasons why horticultural farming is more developed in the Netherlands than in Kenya.
  2. Explain the measures that the government of Kenya has taken to promote horticultural farming in Kenya.

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    1. Well organized marketing systems/ cooperatives which are favourable for Horticultural farming
    2. Netherlands has a higher urban population which is also affluent than Kenya, thus higher demand for both local and foreign horticultural crops than in Kenya
    3. Farmers in Kenya have more access to capital needed for horticultural farming than in Kenya
    4. There is more advanced and appropriate technology in Netherlands which has enhanced horticultural farming than in Kenya.
    5. Netherlands has highly skilled labor force for the production and handling of horticultural products than in Kenya resulting in high production.
    1. Setting up the Kenya Horticulture Development Project to help the farmers with advice as well as market their crops.
    2. Setting up a Horticultural Research station to improve on crops in order to increase yields
    3. The government has trained and posted extension officers to the horticultural -crop growing areas to assist the farmers with advice.
    4. The government has entered into trade agreements with foreign countries especially European Union in order to ensure market for the Kenyan products.
    5. Has improved air transport, thus enhancing the transported goods.
    6. The Government has improved the roads in the Rural areas where horticulture is practiced in order to ensure crops are transported in time, thus reduce wastage.
    7. Has set up Export Promotion Council to help market the Country's horticultural products.
    8. Maintained good relation with foreign government who consequently assist the horticultural farmers with finances and technical advice (e,g Germany)
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