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Explain the significance of Israelites actions during passover

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• Roasted Meat – this is the easiest method of preparing food since the Israelites were to leave in a short time.

• Bitter herbs – was a reminder of the suffering and hardships and slavery experienced in Egypt.

• Eating while standing. Deliverance was near, hence the need to leave in a hurry.

• Eating while fully dressed with their stuff at hand. This signified a quick deliverance; hence Israelites should be ready to leave Egypt at once.

• Eating unleavened bread – the bread was to be eaten and none left over hence there was no need to add yeast for preservation.

• Collecting Jewellery – God had promised Abraham that after slavery for four hundred and thirty years, his descendants shall be freed with great possessions.

• Remaining indoors – for security from death. Anyone outside was killed.

• Blood on doorposts – a sign for deliverance. The angel of death would pass over doors with blood.

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