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  1. Give the five reasons that led to the coming of Arabs to the Kenyan Coast.  
  2. Explain five effects of the Portuguese rule on the East African Coast.

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    1. They came as refugees, fleeing religious/political persecution in Arabia.
    2. They came to establish settlements.
    3. They wanted to trade/control commercial activities.
    4. They came to spread Islam.
    5. They came to explore
    1. It led to the decline of Indian Ocean trade and local trade.
    2. It led to loss of lives through raids/Introduction of many weapons lead to insecurity in the place.
    3. It led to decline and ruin of towns e.g. Gedi.
    4. Their raids led to destruction of property.
    5. Heavy taxes imposed on coastal people hindered coastal economic developments
    6. They built Fort Jesus and Vasco da Gama pillar which become historical monuments/landmarks in the later years/ they introduced new architecture 
    7. Introduced new crops to the coast e.g. maize and cashew nuts/use of farmyard manure
    8. Their language enriched Kiswahili vocabulary inrough borrowing of words e.g. Meza, Pesa, Mvinyo and Baruti :
    9. They improved links between the coast and India/Goa.
    10. They practiced slave trade and this led to depopulation and human suffering.
    11. They paved way for European colonization/they publicized the East African Coast
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