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  1. Identify five reasons why Britain was interested in establishing control over Kenya during the European scramble for East Africa.
  2. Explain five factors responsible for the Agiryama resistance to the British rule in Kenya.

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    1. They were looking for raw materials for their industries.
    2. They were looking for market for their manufactured goods like cotton clothes.
    3. They were looking for places to invest their surplus capital.
    4. They were looking for precious minerals/mineral wealth
    5. The climate was suitable for dairy and other forms of farming.
    6. Kenya was strategically important hence by controlling the place, they would secure their interest in Egypt and India.
    7. To stop slave trade and introduce legitimate trade to replace it.
    8. Britain wanted to expand her empire for her own glory and prestige/jingoism.
    9. Britain wanted to protect her missionaries and explorers operating in the region.
    10. Britain wanted to curb Muslim influence in the region
    11. She wished to settle surplus population in Kenya. 
    12. They wanted to introduce their culture to others /cultural assimilation/civilization Britain wanted to colonize Kenya before other European powers do so.
    1. Forced labour in the European plantation which meant neglecting their own farms/loss of profits which they used to get by selling their farm products
    2. Rape of Agiryama women by the colonial policemen at Vitengeni which was a
      provocative action against them.
    3. Land alienation to the North of Sabaki River, meaning that the Agiryarna would
      dwell on less productive areas, leaving the best land to the European settlement.
    4. Interruption of their trade with the Swahili/ Arab traders which had been their economic main stay for a long time.
    5. Interference with their traditions/religion/customs by demolishing their shrines
      which they regarded as sacred.
    6. Forced taxation which meant that Africans had to work on the European farms so
      as to raise the hut tax charged.
    7. They had lost their independence/the British replaced the Agiriama traditional rulers 
    8. They were forced to join the British army
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