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State two sources of the British Constitution.

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  1. Act of parliament e.g. the Magna Carta 1215, the parliament Act of 1911
  2. The British conventions which have been used from generations to generation over a long period of time. For example those which - the British citizens against the excess of the executive.
  3. The courts of Britain established decision made by the British law courts from time to time become part of the British Constitution e.g. in 1884 the Supremacy of parliament.
  4. Legal publications by reputable authorities e.g. scholars lawyers statesman, political thinkers.
  5. From the Hansard- official of the proceedings of parliament
  6. Royal prerogatives e.g. declaring war and making peace
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1.Acts of parliament. 
     - These are laws made by the British parliament. 
2. Customs. 
   Eg. Rules followed in the House of Lord's. 
3.Publications written by lawyers, political thinkers and statesmen. 
4.The Hansard.
  - These are word by word discussion in the parliament
5.Historical documents
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