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Outline the message of prophet Isaiah about the Messiah

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  1. The messiah would be born of  avirgin/young woman.
  2. He would be called Immanuel
  3. He would be a wonderful counsellor/Mighty God/ Everlasting father/ Prince of peace.
  4. The messiah would have an everlasting Kingdom.
  5. He would be a ruler from the house of David.
  6. He would rule with justice/righteousness and peace.
  7. He would be humble/simple/ordinary/without beauty.
  8. The Messiah would be rejected/despised/sentenced to die.
  9. He would suffer for the forgiveness of sins of many people.
  10. It would be the will of the father for him to suffer.
  11. He would succeed in His work/be highly honored.
  12. He would be filled with God's Spirit/anointed.
  13. He would preach good news /set the captives free.
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