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The table below shows some values of the curve y = 2cos x and y= 3 sin x.

  1. Complete the table for values y=2cosx and y=3 sin x, correct to 1 decimal places.
    y=2cos x2 10  -1.7-1.7-1 11.72
    y=3sn x01.5 32.6   -2.6  -1.50
    On the grid provided draw the graphs of y=2 cos x and y= 3sin x for 0° ≤ x ≤ 360° on the same axis. 
  2. Use the graph to find the values of x when 2cos x- 3sin x=0.
  3. Use the graph to find the values of y when 2 cos x = 3sin x. 

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Filled table, graph and values

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