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  1. Repair a white cotton knitted sweater with a hole.
  2. Launder the knitted sweater you have repaired. 

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    1. Collect equipment and notion needed
    2. Trim the ragged edge carefully not to overdo it and enlarge the hole
    3. Using a darning needle and matching colour of thread, work from the wrong side of garment. Start working along the length of garment
    4. Work 10mm from the edge of the hole (into the fabric). Once the edge of the hole is reached catch the free loops to prevent laddering, pass thread through another free loop directly opposite and on from one edge of the hole to the other working in rows to cover the whole hole.
    5. Leave a loop at the end of each row to allow for shrinkage.
    6. Turn the work and work across the opposite direction (wefts). Arrange the threads to go over and under the previous threads (worked along warps) interlacing to cover the hole. Secure the stiches firmly
    7. Store equipment well for future use
    1. Collect the equipment and materials needed to save on time and energy
    2. Shake the sweater to remove loose dirt
    3. Soak for a short time to loosen dirt in cold water
    4. Squeeze out from the soaking water
    5. Wash in warm soapy water by kneading and squeezing method to remove dirt
    6. Rinse severally in warm clean water to remove soap and dirt.
    7. Final rinse in cold water to freshen
    8. Squeeze out of water to facilitate quick drying.
    9. Dry flat under the sun to remove moisture and prevent stretching
    10. While slightly damp press with a warm iron to remove creases and prevent stretching. Fold and store
    11. Clean the equipment used and store appropriately
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