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State the uses of oxygen

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  1. Oxygen is put in cylinders for use where natural supply is not sufficiently enough. This is mainly in:
    • Mountain climbing/Mountaineering-at high altitudes, the concentration of air/oxygen is low. Mountain climbers must therefore carry their own supply of oxygen for breathing.
    • Deep sea diving-Deep sea divers carry their own supply of Oxygen.
    • Saving life in hospitals for patients with breathing problems and during anesthesia.
  2. A mixture of oxygen and some other gases produces a flame that is very hot.
    • Oxy-acetylene/ethyne flame is produced when Ethyne/acetylene gas is burnt in pure oxygen. The flame has a temperature of about 3000oC.It is used for welding /cutting metals.
    • Oxy-hydrogen flame is produced when Hydrogen is burn in pure oxygen. The flame has a temperature of about 2000oC.It is used also for welding /cutting metals.
  3. Oxy-hydrogen mixture is used as rocket fuel
  4. A mixture of charcoal, petrol and liquid Oxygen is an explosive.
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