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Describe how the human male reproductive system is adapted to perform its function

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  1. The testes found outside the body; to provide a cooler environment for sperm production;
  2. Scrotal sacs suspend the testes outside the body cavity -
  3. Seminiferous tubules consist of actively diving cells; which give rise to sperms;
  4. interstitial cells secrete the male hormones(androgens)
  5. Epididymis which is highly coiled and long; to store sperms;
  6. Sperm duct / vas deferens ; connect the epididymis to the urethra; is muscular: its contraction pushes sperms out allowing ejaculation
  7. Seminal vesicle; provides an alkaline fluid which contains nutrients for spermatozoa.
  8. Prostate gland ;alkaline secretion to neutralize the vaginal; fluids, also activates the sperms;
  9. Cowper’s gland; neutralizes the acidity along the urethra;
  10. Urethra used for the expulsion of urine to the exterior as well as sperms ./ allows passage of sperms during ejaculation
  11. Penis made up of spongy tissue; muscles and blood vessels filled with blood to enable vessels filled with blood to enable it penetrate during coitus;
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