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Explain three effects of soil erosion on human activities

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  1. The productive top soil is lost and only unproductive stony soil is left lowering the agricultural productivity of land.
  2. Soil erosion leaves behind thin soils which cannot hold plants firms in the ground hence the plants are easily uprooted and blown away by the wind.
  3. When gullies are deepened up to or below the water table, underground water is exposed leading to some of it flowing away or evaporating causing the water table to be lowered.
  4. Loss of soil through wind and water erosion leads to destruction of vegetation cover which eventually turn the affected area into a semi –arid land area.
  5. Soil erosion cause sedimentation in water reservoirs constructed along rivers hence lowering water levels hence shortage of electricity and expensive to dredge.
  6. Soil erosion causes water pollution which may lead to death of aquatic animals/destroy mangrove vegetation
  7. Where soils is deposited after erosion it forms rich agricultural lands
  8. Sand eroded and when deposited on river valley is harvested for construction
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