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Explain three ways in which dairy farming in Kenya is different from dairy farming in Denmark.

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  1. in Kenya cattle mainly depend on naturally growing grass while in Denmark the cattle is feed on fodder and commercial feeds
  2. in Kenya mechanization is limited while in Denmark mechanization is widely used
  3. in Kenya most farmers practice mixed farming while in Denmark dairy farming is highly specialized
  4. in Kenya most of the dairy products are consumed by the domestic market while in Denmark the products are mainly exported
  5. In Kenya dairy production is affected by variation in climate while in Denmark dairy farming is least affected by variation in climate
  6. in Kenya animals graze outdoors throughout the year while in Denmark animals are kept indoors during the winter
  7. in Kenya dairy co-operative movement is less developed while in Denmark cooperative movement is highly developed.
  8. In Kenya artificial insemination/ extension services is limited to a few firms while in Denmark artificial insemination/ extension are widely used
  9. In Kenya research is limited while in Denmark research is extensive
  10. in Kenya dairy farming is mainly practiced in the highlands while in Denmark it is found throughout the country
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