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Explain four physical conditions that favour maize growing in Kenya.

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  1. Temparature- maize requires moderate to high temperature ranging between 18°C- 30°C and should not fall below 10°C, different varieties of maize thrive at different temperatures but within the range of 18°C- 30°C/ moderate to high
  2. Rainfall- rainfall requirement depend on different varieties of maize crop. It varies from moderate to high rainfall that is from 300mm- 1800mm. there should be a dry period for the crop to ripen.
  3. Soils- Maize does well in a wide range of soils. The soil should be deep rich with abundant amount of Nitrogen content, it should be well drained and not water logged. It should be aerated.
  4. Altitude- different types of maize are suitable for different altitudes, however the best ideal condition is around 1800m above sea level
  5. Topography- Maize grows very well on gently sloping or undulating plains and plateaus
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