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Good families are built on love and teamwork. With reference to Kino and Juana in John Steinbeck's The Pearl, write an essay in support of this statement.

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  1. (Scorpion)The first demonstration of teamwork is when Coyotito, their only son is stung by a scorpion. Coyolito is in imminent danger of dying if no medication is administered immediately. The couple, Kino and Juana, decide to take the baby to the doctor. The doctor refuses to attend to Coyotito and declines Kino's payment of eight small mis-shapen seed pearls. It is said that to avoid shame and embarrassment, the neighbours melted away and beggars went back to the church steps leaving only Kino and Juana standing in front of the gate. "Kino stood in front of the gate with Juana beside him." (P.29). 20-2426-24 32-33, 34-35
  2. (pearl fishing)Having been disappointed by the doctor who refuses to treat their son, Kino and Juana decide to try their luck at the sea. Juana asks for God's intervention to enable them get a pearl with value with which to hire a doctor. At the sea, Kino is not alone. His wife Juana is beside him. Both of them get hold of the canoe and slides it down the beach to the water. Later, Kino pushed the stem (back) and waded beside it until it floated. It is indicated that the moment the bow (front) of the canoe floated, Juana was the first to climb in. Both of them paddled the canoe in coordination, into the sea. What an amazing demonstration of love and teamwork! 32, 33, 3 5, 36-30
  3. (second attack)When Kino is attacked for the second time, Juana was inside the house with the baby. Juana later, upon hearing a little rush, grunting struggle and blow, she only froze with terror for a moment. She decides to lend support to the husband against the intruder. She puts Coyotito down on the ground and seizes a stone from the fireplace and rushes outside but it is rather late. She finds Kino lying on the ground, unconscious with fresh blood oozing from a long deep cut. She helps him to his feet and wipes the blood from Kino's would with her skirt. She even brings him a płuque (alcoholic drink). Once again the Kinos have demonstrated love and teamwork. 75-80
  4. Kino kills his third attacker and feels that it is in self-defense. However, Juana feels that they are not safe and suggests that they must escape as fast as possible. She does not leave Kino to flee alone. She is determined to remain by his side. She says. "You have killed a man. We must go away. They will come for us... We must be gone before the daylight comes." (P.86). Both Kino and Juana leave for the cities in the north after spending a night at Juan Tomas; Kino's brother. It is said that Kino and Juana gathered their clothing tighter about them and covered their noses and went out into the world. It is also indicated that, "the two walked carefully and they avoided the centre of the town ..." (P.95).
  5. (Add any other relevant point.) - 83-84, 85-86, 87-8, 89, 90, 92)
  6. (The trackers)While on the flight to the north, as they are escaping for killing a man, they're confronted by a threat (The trackers). In an attempt to tackle the trackers, Kino suggests that he goes alone so as to move faster. Juana refuses to separate from Kino to ensure the safety 2 the family.(92, 107, 108, 110-11, 113-115.)
  7. (The Return) When Coyotito is killed, Kino & Juana decided to go back to La Paz. The remain united and walk side by side in solidarity past the village to to sea. He tells Juana to throw the pearl back to the sea but Juana tells him to throw it himself. A moment of realization by Kino that Juana was all along right about the pearl. 19 113-118 C
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