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Explain six factors that promote National Unity in Kenya

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  1. The constitution which unites all Kenyans
  2. One government which has three arms legislature, executive and judiciary
  3. The Presidency who unifies Kenyans and is the spokesman and the international representative of Kenyans
  4. Education, one curriculum, religion, music and drama
  5. National language:- Kiswahili unites people from different ethnic communities
  6. National activities:- National holidays- Jamhuri, Mashujaa, Madaraka
  7. Agricultural and other shows
  8. Games and sports
  9. Disaster management
  10. Mass media
  11. Symbols of National Unity: National flag, National anthem, Coat of arms, Public seal
  12. Economic growth: Fair distribution of resources, urbanization, employment opportunities, common currency
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