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Explain cultural methods of controlling pests.

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  1. Timely planting make the plant to escape pest
  2. Timely harvesting –so that the crop is not attacked when in field by storage pest.
  3. Proper tillage-Expose the pest to predators and strong sun heat.
  4. Close season-you stop growing of suspected crop for some period.
  5. Trap cropping-A top crop is planted before or with the main crop and it is more preferred by pest.
  6. crop rotation-crops which are more preferred are alternated with crops which are not attacked by the particular pest.
  7. Plant resistant crop varieties-new varieties of crops have been develop which are not attacked by pests.
  8. Field hygiene-keeping the field free from any plant materials harbouring pest.
  9. Alteration of environment-creating of certain micro-climate is sprung
  10. crop nutrition-application of fertilizer and organic manure boost the growth of the crop escaping the attack.
  11. Destruction of alternative host. Weeds remove plants which are alternative host of pest.
  12. Use of clean planting materials :Materials which are free from present to prevent introduction or spread of pest and diseases.
  13. Proper spacing :It makes if difficult for pest to craw from one crop to another
  14. Irrigation :used to control pest like mole and aphids.
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