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  1. Plot triangle ABC with coordinates A(1, 1), B(3, 1) and C(1,3 ) 
  2. Plot A′B′C′ the image of ABC under an enlargement scale factor 2 centre A and write down it’s coordinates 
  3. Plot A′′B′′C′′ the image of A′B′C′ under a reflection in the line x+y=0 and write down it’s coordinates 
  4. A′′B′′C′′ is then reflected in the line y=0 to give A′′′B′′′C′′′. Give the coordinates of A′′′B′′′C′′′ 
  5. Describe fully a rotation that maps A′′′B′′′C′′′ onto A′B′C′ 

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  1. Triangle ABC plotted with coordinates
  2. A′(1,1) B′(5,1) C′(1,5)
  3. A′′(−1,−1)  B′′(−1,−5)  C′′(−5,−1)
  4. A′′′(−1,−1)  B′′′(−1,5)  C′′′(−5,−1)  
  5. Rotation −90° about (0,0)

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