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Describe seven signs of ill-health in livestock

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  1. Behavior of the animal- aggressiveness, over excitement or produces abnormal sound
  2. isolating from others/photophobic
  3. animal movement-limping/lameness/strained gait
  4. general appearance: restless, dull, less alert or less response to touch/abnormal posture
  5. skin/coat: ruffled/starry coat/loss or hair /dull skin/parts peeling off/cracking/ wounds/lesions/swellings
  6. mucous membrane: dull red/pale/dry/having copious discharge
  7. production/performance level: Sudden decline in production/performance/loss o weight and condition
  8. pulse rate: radical change from the normal range
  9. body temperature: abnormal temperature from the normal range/too high /too low
  10. urination: abnormal urine colour matter in terms of consistency/smell/colour, difficult urination/less or high frequency
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