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Give five differences between fishing in Kenya and Japan.

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  1. In Japan, extensive research on fishing has been done while in Kenya little research on fishing has been done.
  2. Japan has cool climatic factors hence preservation is efficient while Kenya has hot climate thus preservation is poor.
  3. Japan use well developed and advanced fishing methods e.g ships while Kenya use traditional methods of fishing and vessels e.g canoes.
  4. Japan has more than 3000 islands or fishing villages while Kenya has about 300 fishing villages.
  5. Japan has expensive fishing waters while Kenya has limited fishing waters.
  6. In Japan fishing vessels are owned by large co-operatives while in Kenya mostly fishing vessels are owned by individuals.
  7. In Japan, inland fishing is seasonal while in Kenya inland fishing is full time in some areas.
  8. In japan both marine and inland fishing are well developed while in Kenya, marine fishing is yet to be developed and contributes only about 10% of the total catch.
  9. In Japan there is large market within the country and from abroad while in Kenya, there is small market from within and from abroad.
  10. Japan has extensive continental shelf, shallow waters and presence of cold and warm currents hence rich in planktons while Kenya has a narrow continental shelf and the offshore areas of the Indian Ocean are too deep for the growth of plankton.
  11. Japan has indented coastline with many natural harbors while the Kenyan coastline is fairly straight with few indentation and hence unideal for fishing.
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