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The figure below shows an electromagnet

  1. Explain why the core is made up of iron and not steel
  2. On the same diagram indicate the direction of the current flow when the switch is closed 
  3. When the current is allowed to flow through the electromagnet it is magnetized. Identify the poles of the magnet
  4. Give the name of the law you have used to determine the poles and state it
  5. Explain what would happen if the current is allowed to flow for a long time

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  1. Iron is a soft magnetic material it can easily acquire magnetism and can easily lose magnetism.

  2. Phyf2midt1a19ii
  3. A – North pole
    B – South pole 
  4. Right hard grip rule
    It states that if a coil carrying current is grasped in the right hand such that the fingers point in the direction of current then the thumb points in the direction of North Pole.
  5. It would cause overheating on the electromagnet√. This adversely affects the magnetism of the electromagnet
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