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In an experiment to determine the density of a soil using a density bottle, the following measurements were recorded.
Mass of empty density bottle = 42. 9g
Mass of density bottle full of water = 66.1gMass of density bottle with some soil = 67. 2g
Mass of density bottle with soil filled up with water = 82.0g
Use the above data to determine the:-

  1. Mass of water that completely filled the bottle 
  2. Volume of water that completely filled the bottle 
  3. Volume of the density bottle
  4. Mass of soil 
  5. Mass of water that filled the space above soil
  6. Volume of soil
  7. The density of the soils 

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  1. 66.1-42.9=23.2g
  2. Volume=Mass/density=23.2cm3
  3. Volume of denity of bottle=volume of water=23.2cm3
  4. 67.2 - 42.9=24.3g
  5. 82.0-67.2
  6. volume of water =14.8cm3
  7. Mass/Volume
    = 2.893g/cm3

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