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The diagram below show the internal structure of a mammalian heart

  1. Using arrows show the direction of blood flow in and out of the heart 
  2. Name the parts labeled A and C
  3. The muscular wall of chamber D is at least three times thicker than the wall of chamber E. give a reason for this difference
  4. In what way does the artery labeled G differ from other arteries in the body

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  1. Biof2midt1a12
  2. A - Aorta 
    C - Semilunar valves 
  3. Because D (left ventricle) has to pump blood all over the body whereas E (right ventricle) only pumps blood to the lungs. (Thicker walls helps D to exert pressure to force blood all over the body)
  4. (pulmonary artery) carries deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the lungs 
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