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State and Explain five factors that determine energy requirements in human beings

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  1. Basal metabolism 
    This is the energy required to maintain life it includes the energy used to drive vital processes as blood circulation, breathing maintenance of body temp etc. or basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is the lowest level of energy production .
  2. Sex 
    Males require more energy than females because males are more muscliline than female. Females have more fats males use more energy compared to females.
  3. Body size 
    Small bodies people have a small volume which leads to a large surface area to volume ratio. Their bodies lose a lot of heat to the surrounding. They therefore require more energy than big bodied people who have small surface area to volume ratio.
  4. Occupation/activity 
    manual workers require more energy than for example an office worker (any correct explanation by use of an example)
  5. Age 
    Young children have many actively dividing cells and they are physically active. Therefore their Basal metabolic rate is higher than that of adults.
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