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The diagram below shows a smear of blood on a microscope slide.
         smear of blood on a microscope slide

  1. Identify the structures labeled A, B and C. 
  2. State the importance of the large number of structures A in the blood smear.
  3. Name the process by which structure D would engulf C and state its importance.
  4. State one adaptation of the structure labeled A to its function.

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  1. A- red blood cell; 
    B –White blood cell;
    C- an antigen /bacterium /virus/fungus;
  2. To increase the total surface area of oxygen transport;
  3. Phagocytosis;
    • Helps to destroy disease causing micro organisms;
    • Presence of hemoglobin with a high affinity for oxygen;
    • Absence of a nucleus /lacks most of the organelles to pack more hemoglobin;
    • Presence of enzyme carbonic anhydrase to enhance loading of carbon (iv) oxide gas;
    • They are small and able to squeeze through narrow capillaries; 
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