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The graph below shows the relationship between number of herbivores and carnivores in a park.
graph showing herbivores and carnivores relationship

  1. Identify the curve representing the herbivores. Give a reason for your answer.
  2. Suggest a reason for the slope of graph x between points A and B. 
    1. Name the relationship between the two types of organisms as portrayed by the graph.
    2. State the significance of the relationship you have stated in (3)(1) above. (
  4. Describe the long term effect on the parks ecosystem if the species of the carnivores were to become extinct. 

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    • it starts with a higher population than x, the predator;
  1. the number /pop. of predators dropped due to increased competition for food ;due to decrease in number of prey
    1. Prey –predator/predation;
    2. helps to maintain the population of both prey and predators at the carrying capacity of habitat; weak organisms are removed from both populations ;(by natural selection) 
    • Pop. of herbivores would increase due to reduced predation;
    • Most of the vegetarian would be eaten by the herbivores resulting in soil erosion;
    • Eventually the pop. of herbivores would fall due to death or migration due to competition for food.
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