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Explain six reasons why the resurrection of Jesus is important to Christians

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  1. It is the foundation of the Christian faith and hope without which their believe would be useless
  2. Christian faith would be in vain if Jesus had not resurrected
  3. Through the resurrection, Christians have confidence and hope because the one they believe in has been exalted and sits at the right hand of God Almighty
  4. Through the resurrection , Christians are given the hope of eternal life
  5. The resurrection of Jesus led to the coming of the Holy Spirit who help Christians to live according to the teachings of Christ, preach the gospel and speak boldly against evils in the society
  6. The resurrection gives meaning to Baptism in that one dies in sin and is raised with Christ to new life
  7. The resurrection confirms the divinity of Jesus as true (son of God, the messiah)
  8. The resurrection gives Christians courage to face death because they have hope of resurrecting at his second return
  9. The resurrection acts as a unifying factor for all Christians in the world
  10. It is remembered by Christians during the celebration of holy Eucharist 
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