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Determine the process of chemical water treatment

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  1. Stage 1:’ Filtration at the water intake. eater is made to pass through a sense that trap large particles.
  2. Stage 2: Softening of water
    The water is made to circulate in a small tank where it is mixed with a soda ash(sodium bicarbonate ate and aluminium sulphate.
    Soda ash softens the water
    Aluminium facilitates coagulation and sedimentation of soil particles
  3. Stage 3 : Coagulation, sedimentation aeration bottom a large open tank.
    Water stays here for at least 36 hours to kill bilharzias wormed
    The tank is left open for aeration in order to facilitate filtratiuon.Water passes into filtration tank where all the remaining solid particles are trapped and removed.
    This is facilitated by the tank having layers of different sizes of gravel and sand.
  4. Stage 4: Chlorination
    Filtered water enters the chlorination tank where small amounts of chlorine solution are added to kill micro-organisms .The amount t of chlorine is controlled by a dozer.
  5. STEP 5. Storage and distribution.
    Treated water is stored in large tanks before being distributed by consumers.
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