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What are the uses of farm records?

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  1. Guide farmers in plan ting and budgeting
  2. Show whether the farmers in making profit or loss.
  3. Show history of the farm
  4. Help to determine a farmers t worth insets
  5. Help in sharing of profit or losses in partnerships or cooperation bans
  6. Help in comparison of performance of different enterprises in the farm.
  7. Help in settling disputes among liars if the farmer dies without a will
  8. Help to support insurance claims in the event of death or fire
  9. Help to remind farmers about his depts. Laborers so as to pay so as to repay in time
  10. Provide labour information such as when paying terminal benefits and pensions and NSSF dues.
  11. Help in select ion of breed stock, culling unproductive animals.
  12. Help to detect thefts or loss cases on the farm.
  13. Help farmers in making sound management decisions
  14. Help to pinpoint weakness on the farm business or areas that need improvement or reorganization
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