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With the aid of a fully labelled diagram, describe the processing formation in hen.

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processing formation in a hen

  • Ovum York is released by ovary upon maturity and rabbits follicle
  • Ovum received by the funnel(infundibulum)
  • Ovum meets sperm in the funnel; fertilization takes place in the infundibulum
  • Chalazae added hold the yolk in infundibulum. egg stays here for 15 minutes ,funnel is 11 cm long
  • Yolk moves to the magnesium
  • The magnesium is 33.6cm long egg stays here for 3 hrs
  • The yolk moves to the isthmus .It is 10,6cm long.
  • Shell membrane are added to the egg minerals ,water, vitamins are added in the isthmus
  • Egg moves to the shell gland
  • A shell is added
  • Egg stays here for 18-22 hrs
  • The egg moves to the vagina 6.9 cm egg is temporarily stored
  • Egg moves out through the clock
    (Egg is laid down)
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