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Describe twelve measures of controlling livestock diseases.

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  1. Proper feeding and nutrition –which avoids nutrition diseases and makes animals healthy to resist diseases.
  2. Proper breeding and selection-healthy animals should be selected to prevent disease weak and animals known to be susceptible to some diseases should be called.
  3. Proper housing –all requirement of housing should be neat;eg proper ventilation ,leak proof, easy clean, free from draught etc.
  4. Proper hygiene-high levels of hygiene should be maintained e.g avoid muddy and filthy surroundings.
  5. Imposition of quarantine-restriction of movement of animals and their products from and to the affected areas in the event of an outbreak of notifiable disease.
  6. Use of prophylatic drugs e.g coccidiostats to control coccidiosis.
  7. Drenching /deworming of animals to control internal parasites.
  8. Regular vaccinations to improve resistance to diseases and boost immunity.
  9. Slaughtering of affected animals
  10. Isolation of sick animals-in separate pens to ominous spreading of disease
  11. Use of antiseptic and disinfections. They contain germicidal chemicals
  12. Treatment of sick animals to prevent spread to healthy animals and restore them back to health.
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